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Update: Nutrition: Tis the Season to be thriving!

The company whose products I reviewed has asked me to take down my review.

Since I’m a writer I do understand about words, and unfortunately to be able for us to continue to be free to take advantage of naturally derived products that aid our bodies physically and help us feel better, one must use words very carefully.

That said, I will just say that with the program I am on, my overall health has improved. It is nutrition based made for easy absorption. I have an improved feeling of well-being, my sleep and rest is improved, my mental focus has improved, and overall, I’m just a much happier person. Sorry to be so cryptic, if you have questions just leave a comment below.

I will continue to dig through the company’s compliance and when I get set up according to their guidelines (if I decide to continue), then I will go from there. The company has a corporate Facebook page which is available for me to work from for use in social media, if I decide to. I’m not on Facebook much I use Twitter mostly, but the products are good enough for me to put my own feelings aside, and compromise.

I apologize for having to remove my review, it makes me sad that I had to, but after thinking it over, it is best for all of us who want to continue to use naturally derived substances to improve our health. Hopefully, after the first of the year I’ll have a better handle on this, and I’ll pass what I find out along—-within compliance, of course…


An update 1-24-2018

The company is called Le-vel and the product is called Thrive™️. Their products are probiotic, nutrient mineral dense formulas that they put in capsules, delicious shakes, and they also add a DFT patch that aids the process by delivering more formula through the skin. The DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology. It begins with an 8 week challenge with a simple to use three steps:

Step 1 – 2 capsules – vitamins, minerals and their own plant-based proprietary blend

Step 2 – shake, that includes vitamins and essential minerals, plus another plant-based proprietary blend.

Step 3 – a skin patch, formulated to aid the other two steps.

My regimen is called Women’s Tone Pack. The package comes with a shake every other day of the month, but you can take one each day so I opted to order another box of 16 so I can have a shake for breakfast every day.

I am much stronger, I could not have finished physical therapy without it I started it just in time. I knew it would take me longer than 8 weeks to notice changes and it’s now been 11 weeks, and I’m beginning to notice changes in how my clothes fit. I’m sleeping through the night, and I am much more calm. And, I have not been exercising. I’m trying to get my body cleansed on a deep level. And, I do believe this formula is great for that.

That’s all I’ll say for now. They have a Facebook fan page if you would like to read about the company, and there are many testimonials there as well. They have over 1 million followers. I think that says a lot.

Again, the company is Le-Vel Thrive™️ optimal nutritional support. Click the link to read more. They recommended I send you there first.

Le-vel Thrive™️ Optimal Nutrition

But again, if you have any questions about my experience with it that I haven’t listed in my posts, just leave a comment and I’ll be glad to respond. I’m not easy to convince, and I also realize every person’s body is different, but I love the stuff. Take a look-see!

Also, remember if you want to order, you’ll need my sponsor number. Just let me know! I’ll be super glad to get you set up, it’s easy.

—————————–end update ————–

No matter what, I’ll continue blogging about health and healthcare.

But! Let’s not get discouraged —after all it is the Christmas season and we have so many blessings, and so much to be thankful for!

Take care of yourself, try not to worry, pray instead, think of the happy moments, get enough rest, and eat fresh and balanced meals. Limit refined sugars, salt, and try not to binge on alcohol— it makes you tired and dries out the skin. Just use common sense, you’re worth it—and you won’t have to work so hard at the gym! Ha! That’s incentive x1000!

Remember, you can improve. Here’s the link to my previous post about that

Illness Reversal – You Can Get Better . Merry Christmas from my home to yours!

Blessings of health, joy, and peace!



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